Myth Part 1: Introduction

Myth Part 1: Introduction

Myth has many different faces, and I have a proposal for a new addition to the landscape of myths. In order to add to that landscape, however, I feel it is important to describe the landscape as I see it. All I have is my own lived experience, which, by its very nature, is limited.

We are living in a time of myth. Maybe we are always living in a time of myth. Where our story will be so fantastic that it will be impossible to tell to the future without embellishment. A time when numbers will not suffice to describe what we are losing. When a syllabus cannot describe the things we are learning.

These myth posts will take a while so the plan is to post a myth post every other week in order to talk about other things that come up in between. While you are waiting, feel free to answer any of these questions. To yourself or in the comments. What is your favorite myth? Have you ever stumbled into your own myth? Has myth ever wandered into your life? When do you think myth is the most relevant? What is a myth that needs more people to hear about it? Most of the myth’s I know are white myths and Greek myths. If there are myths that are okay for a white person to hear I’d love to learn some.


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