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Try as we might we all start out as strangers. Might as well lean into it. The poetic thing to say would be “and we all end up estranged.” However that does not leave room for Joy.

In my wanderings I have found that one’s relationship with Joy must be like any other. If you seek it every day then Joy will get tired of you. If you leave no room for Joy, then Joy will not bother spending time with you. Some people are predisposed to get along with Joy and so the friendship they create seems stronger. Some people don’t get along with Joy from the start and these people are content that both parties have found more healthy relationships.

I am one who will leave room for Joy. I also leave room for Anger and Sadness, Confusion and Awe, Despair and that feeling of satisfaction you get when your close friend successfully communicates something to you in a crowded room without tipping off any of the avid listeners to the engrossing yarn your friend is spinning full of humor and polite society, but you know that hidden in that yarn is a gem of hope, and queer love that only you get to hold at the end of the day once the yarn has been fully unraveled in the safety of the home you created with one another.

Welcome stranger. I hope you like it here.